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Re-Source Creative Arts Therapy and Psychological Support in Exeter Devon.


A warm welcome to Re-Source Creative Arts Therapy and Psychological Support based in Exeter and within easy reach of Totnes, Exmouth, Honiton, Tiverton, and Okehampton.

I hope you find the information on this website useful in making a decision about therapy. You are also welcome to contact me by phone or email for further information. Click here to email me email contact form.

If you are considering therapy, then you are probably wanting to make positive changes in your life, but may feel stuck, uncertain or confused about how to do this.

In this situation it can be of great benefit to have a place to take some time out :

  • to explore your thoughts and feelings
  • to understand yourself better and improve your relationships
  • to consider new perspectives and choices
  • to discover resources to support yourself
  • to unlock your potential through creativity

    Re-Source Creative Arts Therapy can offer a refreshing , creative , dynamic approach to supporting you whether you are looking for a therapist for the first time, or have had therapy before and want to try something different.

    "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."

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    What I offer

    My name is Sharon and I have been working as a Creative Arts Therapist in Exeter for nine years.I developed my Creative Arts Therapy practice after training as a Dramatherapist in 2008. To find out more about me visit My Background.

    I use an integrated approach combining Creative Arts therapy along with other therapeutic models to offer therapeutic and psychological support with a flexible person-centred approach to best meet the needs of the people I work with.

    These other approaches include Compassion Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, and Trauma Informed therapy. To find out more visit Free First Meeting

    I am passionate about supporting people creatively to develop their potential for growth, recovery, health and well- being. I am also committed to providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental therapeutic environment and supporting you to enhance your life and to live it more fully.

    I work with both adults and children aged 5 onwards. As well as working in private practice I have experience of working as a therapuetic group worker and dramatherapist in the NHS within adult mental health services, and as a dramatherapist in schools with children.
    I work with individuals and groups and can also offer specially devised training courses for organisations using creative action methods.

    I am experienced in helping clients who have experienced difficulties with :

  • Stress
  • Managing emotions
  • Depression, and Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Trauma and abuse including sexual abuse
  • Physical and Mental health issues
  • Being a carer
  • Life transitions such as parenthood/ menopause /ageing/ moving/ divorce/separation
  • Bereavement
  • Addiction/ Eating disorders/ Self Harm
  • Work related stress / Redundancy/Retirement
  • Finding a new direction for their lives

    It's important to find the right therapist for you so, as you can see below , I offer a free first meeting to help you decide about working with me. We meet at my practice in Exeter which is also within travelling distance of Totnes , Exmouth, Honiton, Tiverton and Okehampton.

  • What is Creative Arts Therapy?

    "There is an underlying , in-dwelling creative force infusing all of life - including ourselves."
    Julia Cameron

  • As with many other approaches, Creative Arts Therapy aims to support you to explore and express your feelings and experiences, to better understand yourself, your life and relationships, and to make the changes that you want.

  • What is different about Creative Arts Therapy?
    As well as talking, we use a range of creative methods to enable this process, taking time to discover which methods suit you. These methods can include:
    art work, clay work, image making,sand tray work, writing,exploring or creating stories, myths, role-play, improvisation, enactment, movement, music, visualisation and ritual.

  • A creative, indirect approach can help you to explore what may be difficult and painful issues safely, by providing a sense of distance and containment. Being able to talk about feelings and experiences is important, but Creative Arts therapy also offers you opportunities to explore your concerns in many different ways, not just with words ,and so can be especially helpful for dealing with complex issues and traumatic experiences.

    In therapeutic work with children a non verbal approach can also be particularly helpful where verbal and cognitive abilities are not yet fully developed.

  • Creative Arts Therapy incorporates elements from art, drama,dance movement, music and play therapies.The emphasis is on the process of exploration and how it helps you to express, represent and understand your feelings and experiences. You don’t need any previous experience of creative arts, and how and when you chose to work creatively in sessions is your choice.To find out more visit About Creative Arts Therapy.

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  • Free First Meeting

    Personal experience of looking for a therapist has taught me that whatever the reasons for seeking therapy it is very important to take the time to find the right therapist for you, as well as the right therapeutic approach. For this reason I offer a free first meeting so that we can explore whether what I offer is right for you and we can work together.
    To find out more about Re-source Creative Arts Therapy and Psychological Support in Exeter and a free first meeting visit Free First Meeting. My practice is also within easy reach of Totnes, Exmouth, Honiton, Tiverton and Okehampton.

    Please contact me by phone or email to arrange a free first meeting in Exeter.
    Click here to email me email contact form.

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